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  come funziona  
How it works
Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) access to the internet is based on a local access network produced by radio, i.e. without the use of wires (low-power antennae offer a coverage like that of a mobile telephone) to which many users can connect without any type of interference.
Students, tourists and professionals can surf the Internet for free (using laptops, palmtops or telephones with wireless technology) in broadband along our promenade using the public hot-spots (access points) shown on the “Maps” section of the website.
With the wireless network it will be possible to:
- surf internet web pages
- access one’s own email, provided it is accessible directly on the web.

For general information, on the functioning of the service, the user may call the Council of Reggio Calabria : on number “0965 3622106”.

Registration and Instructions for Access
For the Italian Citizens::
For the initial registration phase, you must physically be inside the “Wi-Fi zone” (Lungomare “Falcomatà” – see “Maps”), switch on your computer or palmtop, access the network with the SSID “WIFI-RC-FREE” and follow the on-line procedure directly from the website that automatically appears. Once the registration procedure is finished, the Username which is automatically displayed to the user, that is the own mobile phone number.
Following this, an SMS (Short Message) with the Password will be sent to the mobile phone number specified during the registration.
The Username (equal your mobile phone number) and Password (in CAPITALS), then must be used to gain access from the log-in page.

In the case of minors (under 18s) the registration procedure for the “Reggio Calabria Wireless” service must be completed by a parent.

For foreign citizens:
It is possibile to go to an Authorisation Centre - “Centro di Autorizzazione” (C.A.) - where the operator will complete your on-line registration procedure and provide you with an “access key” for foreign citizens, upon provision of identification documents (identity card for EU citizens or the passport).
Among the “Centri di Autorizzazione”, located in the city centre, there is:
Pinacoteca Civica di Reggio Calabria - Corso Garibaldi angolo Via Osanna (near Municipal Theater "F. Cilea")
Tel. 0965 324262

Upon receiving the access key, foreign citizens should enter a Wi-Fi Zone covered by the “Reggio Calabria Wireless” signal. Opening their Browser, an Authentication Web Page (Log-in page) will automatically appear where they simply need to enter their personal Wi-Fi access key.