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Conditions of use
With the recent laws, the Municipality of Reggio Calabria is to identify who has access to telematic services, to monitor the use of emplacements and to archive the relative data of navigation.
For every session of navigation, records of the date, time and code of use will be registered, in a technological manner.
The data regarding the use of the Rete Wi-Fi and the electronic register of the connections will be held by the Office "Rete Civica - comunicazione on-line" of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, with maximum confidentiality, in compliance with the law on privacy, and can only be divulged to the Judicial Authority.

Regulations of behaviour and responsibility of the users

To every single user of the Internet service is requested a respectful behaviour in ethics and norms of good use of the network service. Internet cannot be used for scopes which are prohibited by the law in force.
The user is directly responsible, civilly and penally in compliance with the law in force, of the use of Internet service.
The responsibility is extended also on the violation of the law on privacy, on the protected access, on copyright and on the licence to use.
The Municipality of Reggio Calabria is not responsible for the eventual damages which the user could cause to third parties with the use of even permitted telematic services; the user is responsible, therefore, to keep the Municipality out of any responsibility an/or requests for damages with this regard.
It is prohibited therefore to effect operations which jeopardise the regular operation of the network. At the end of the navigation, the user must be disconnect from the session so that one could not have access to the service if not breaking in of the authentication credentials.
In the event of lack of respect of the present conditions, the Municipality of Reggio Calabria will be able to remove temporarily and/or permanently the authorisation of access to whoever uses the service in an inappropriate manner.

Access to the Internet by the users who are minors
The Administration is not responsible to exercise supervision on the use of Internet, which is required by the parents or the guardians. The minor users could access the service provided the completion by the parent (or the guardian) of the proper module of registration on-line. With such authorisation, the parents release the Ente of any responsibility related to the use of Internet by children and youngsters who are minors.

Limitations of Navigation
In order to limit the use of network resources and to prevent as much as possible the access to sites which are not consistent with the services offered by a Public Administration, some restrictions have been imposed on the Internet navigation (c.d. "content filtering").
For such reasons, some websites and/or Internet services could be inaccessible. Furthermore, given the free nature of the service, there is no guarantee of speed of the connection.
In cases of violation of the rules of navigation, the service will present the to user, an appropriate warning.