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The REGGIO Calabria Wireless Project
The Municipality of Reggio Calabria aims to increase the knowledge and the use of new technology and to provide new opportunities for employment, study and access to services. Moreover, the citizens’ Wi-Fi network is also open to Italian and foreign tourists, providing them with an additional welcoming service.

This project will enable citizens to make the most of their time, both from a professional and a social point of view.

In fact, with "Reggio Calabria Wireless", the times and places involved in public and private life are multiplied and certain parts of the city become multifunctional.

The Lungomare (promenade) “Falcomatà”, the most representative place in the city, centre of cultural life and an intense summer tourist season, is covered by “Reggio Calabria Wireless” hot spots, and in other areas of the city center, as shown in the “Maps” section of the website.

Using Reggio Calabria Wireless, anyone can easily access Internet networks just as if they were in their own office or home. The user can therefore download and send emails through a web interface, access the intranet of their company, or simply surf the net with all the speed of broadband, all while soaking up the magnificent scenery of the Straits, on the beach, under a parasol or even sat on a bench.