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What is WIFI?
WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) is a system which allow access to the Internet without wires, thanks to the achievement via radio and without the use of cable.
WIFI Service allows connection to the Internet on Broad Band (fast internet) through mobile computers, palmari and mobile phones of the new generation, without requiring any modifications or installation of a particular software.

Who can us Wi-Fi Service?

Is the connection against payment?
NO, it is free.
The service has been activated in an experimental form; in such context it is free and not limited temporarily (see following paragraph for the validity of the keyword to access). If in the process of the exercise, it is found to be incongruent to the fixed objectives, the Council of Reggio Calabria has the faculty to modify the mode of use.

For how long can I use WIFI Service?
In order to consent ample access to the user, it is foreseen that there will be connection - for each user - up to a maximum of 8 (eight) hours daily. The keywords to access the service Wi-Fi have a duration of not more than 21 (twentyone) days.
After the expiry one can again go through the procedure of registration and the temporary validity shall still be the same (21 days).

What must I do to obtain the keywords of access free of charge?

For the Italian Citizens
For the initial stage of registration, it is necessary that one is physically present within the “wi-fi zone” (see “Maps”), put on one's own computer or the Palmtop, access the network with the SSID “Wifi-RC-Free” and effect the on-line procedures directly from the website that appear automatically. Once the procedure to register is terminated, there will appear the USERNAME (is your mobile phone number) to the user on the web page. The USERNAME is sent also to e-mail of the user. Subsequently, an SMS message will be transmitted - to the mobile number inserted during the registration - containing the Password. The Username and the Password (in CAPITALS), can be used to access the login page.

In case of minors (less than 18 years) the procedure for registration to the Service "Reggio Calabria Wireless", must be effected by a parent.

For the foreign citizens:
It is possible to go to a "Centre of Authorisation" (C.A.), in which the operator - upon provision of identification documents (identity card for EU citizens or the passport) - will proceed to effect the on-line procedure of registration, issuing a print of the "keyword to access" to the foreign citizen.
Amongst the "Centres of Authorisation", located in the centre of the city, are those enlisted below:
Pinacoteca Civica di Reggio Calabria - Corso Garibaldi angolo Via Osanna (near Municipal Theater "F. Cilea")
Tel. 0965 324262

The procedure to register shall be effected on-line, directly by the operator chosen by the same structure and in the presence of the person applying.

What must I do after I would have acquired the keywords to access?
You are ready to navigate! Go to an area which is covered by Wi-Fi, get onto the browser, and insert the keywords of access Wi-Fi on the page that appears. (Login Page).

You have inserted the keywords to access, but are you having problems to connect?
The Password to access must be inserted in UPPERCASE, in the Login Page.
For Phones or PDAs with operating system "Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x", we suggest you download and install for free from
this link, the Opera browser:

Will there be any technical support?
At Municipal Office "Rete Civica - Comunicazione on-line" - Municipality of Reggio Calabria
Tel. 0965 3622100 - 3622106 
from 10:00 untill 12:00, from Monday to Friday
e-mail: wirelessfree@reggiocal.it

The person in charge will offer you technical assistance.

And if I am only travelling through and I do not wish to subscribe to the Service?
You can still navigate freely on the websites which do not need registration.
You may still access the website of Municipality of Reggio Calabria (http://www.reggiocal.it), in order to access information and services on-line, including the Tourist website (http://turismo.reggiocal.it) for the events, shows and information for public use relating to our City.

Where and which are the areas covered by Wi-Fi?
For example: The Lungomare (Promenade) “Falcomatà”, see for many sites the maps of the public Hot-spot for the coverage. Compared to the maps, areas not yet working: area Lido Comunale, Piazza Orange, Piazza Camagna.