What do You do When Your Internet is Down?

One thing I fear at work is the internet going down. We need it for company emails but also some of our reports and information are in the cloud. So if the internet is down that means no one can access it. They cannot do anything fun either – no internet radio, no online videos, no social media. The office gets very quiet. Then it gets very angry! Most of the time it is not something that any of us in the office has done. Maybe one time someone had to reset our routers during work hours. It is usually our service provider or some kind of outage in the area. But no one knows that right away so they blame us!

You know if it was something I did, I could fix it right away and the internet would be back up. But it is not my fault when it is down in the whole area! And no amount of complaining is going to get it back up!

The question is, what do you do when the internet is down? At work, there might not be a lot. Many people take long breaks or go home early. It really depends on what the problem is and when it happens. Sometimes they are going home to no internet as well because live nearby and it is not only a work problem. Then maybe you can see if the internet works on your phone if you do not mind paying for it and are seeking entertainment. I can write up reports and save them to my desktop so that I can put them on the server later when the internet is back up. Other people file or move meetings around so that they can feel productive while there is an outage.

When I am at home, it can be frustrating. It is especially bad if my plans involve watching a movie online or I want to listen to music I only have in the cloud. I do have a data plan for my computer that I can use if everything else fails and I really need it, but it can be expensive. I try not to do that too much. But you may know that there are some apps that will only work if they are connected to the internet even if you do not actually need to be online for them to run. That happens sometimes on my phone with online movies. It does not matter if they are downloaded to my phone, I have to connect to verify my account before I can even watch the movie. That is stupid.

But usually what I will do is read a book or I will go out with a friend who lives in my apartment building. We may go for a walk or out for a meal depending on the time. We may go out for drinks or spend time with some other people we both know. Sometimes it feels good to talk to people face to face without a screen in the way. What do you do when the internet is down where you are?