What Not to do at Work

There are days that I do not really like my job or some of the people I work with. I do not have them often but today was one of them. When I arrived at work, my supervisor was already in a bad mood and ordering people around. The server had crashed, which was bad news. They could not get it to come back online, which was even worse. I do not usually deal with the server, I mostly work on the employees’ computers, but I do know a little. I offered to help out but I was told, “No thanks,” and pushed out of the room. That made me mad. I am just as smart as the other computer people and maybe could have helped. It would have been nice if they at least had let me try.

I decided a cup of coffee would make me feel better. But the coffee machine is near the head of the company’s office. He is a big fan of coffee I think. He heard me and knows what I do, so he called me into his office. He wanted to know what was going on with the server and I did not know. I told him so but I left out the part where I offered to help and was turned down. I just said that I did not know because I had just come in but that the team was already working on getting everything back online. He did not seem to like that answer and marched off in the direction of the server room. I could hear his raised voice but not what was being said.

Other people started coming up to me and complaining that they could not get work done. I explained to everyone again that it was being handled. Finally someone came up to me and said they had come in early and maybe did something. “Something like what?” I wanted to know. This did not sound good. I was right. This person was using his work computer to check his personal email and saw an email from what he thought was his bank. He clicked on it and it said that his account had been possibly attacked and that he should open a file to check certain charges. In a panic over his bank account, he opened the invoice. He said his computer did a few things that he did not understand and then the screen turned blue. Then he started hearing people complain that the server was down. Oh no.

I went back to the server room and told the team what I had been told. We went to the affected workstation and removed the computer. They ran some programs on the server to try and remove whatever was now on it and eventually they got it running again. But a whole day of work was lost for the company, all because one person checked his personal email at work and fell victim to a scam! What a day!