Work Smarter

I like my job. I like helping people around the office. People get very upset when their computers stop working properly and I do my best to help them. That is not all I do, however. My favorite thing is showing people all the different ways automation and computers can make things easier for them. There are so many things you can do to streamline your job and increase your productivity. People are amazed at the different things I show them. Some of them are simple. Some require some work up front but they are worth the time it takes to set up.

For one thing, many people do not know that they can make their own word processing templates and it is very easy to do. If you have a report that you have to write frequently, you can create a form and then type only the new information every time. It might save you a few minutes and prevent mistakes. The same thing goes for spreadsheets. You can automate spreadsheets so much. They can compile discounts or payment schedules. They can pull numbers from other spreadsheets, saving you time and protecting you from errors copying numbers from one place to another. It will make your life easier.

We all get a lot of email during the day. Some of it is important and some can be dealt with later. Taking the time to set up your email to sort your messages is a big help. Depending on your preferred program, you can color code messages or filter messages from certain people to different folders. If you can sort the distracting messages from the important ones, you may be more productive. You will know what you need to tackle first before you even read the contents of the message. And you will not be sidetracked working on something that is not as important then miss something that is actually a priority.

There are also programs that will allow you to exchange files with people who work remotely and checklists so the whole team can be working on different pieces of the same project. That makes things very easy for everyone. People can be more productive and work at their own pace. It also lets people work remotely. How great is that? I have a friend that works as a virtual assistant and she can travel just about all over the world and still work. She has been all over Europe and the US, working around time zones and schedules. As long as she has an internet connection, she can work! That is very smart working if you ask me!

Talk to your computer experts at work and see if they have any information for you like this to help you around the office.