In Search of Wireless Headphones

Wireless technology is great. How many of us have used the internet while sitting in our yard or an automobile or at a café? Something that without wireless internet we could not do. We don’t need a long wire that attaches our computer to a modem anymore. We can take our internet anywhere.

And it isn’t just the internet. Have you tried a wireless charger? I love mine. I just put my phone down and it starts charging. No wires. It will save the charging port from wearing out too early. That is good news.

Bluetooth technology lets us connect our phones to all kinds of things – wearable technology like smartwatches, extra speakers, and even our cars! We can go hands-free just about anywhere!

One thing I did not think I needed was wireless headphones. I just did not see the need for them. But then I got a new phone and it did not have a headphone port. It makes the phone more water resistant, which I liked. But it turns out that running or walking with the headphones in the way I had to connect them became frustrating. I would be running and the cord would jerk and one of the earbuds would come out.

I decided that it was time to make a switch. Wireless headphones seemed to be a good solution. But there are so many different models and brands, how do you know what to choose? Well, when I was shopping I learned a few things. Now I will share them with you.

First, think about when you will be wearing them. Do you want to wear them while you are out and about, like me? Or do you need something to use your phone hands-free? Is it better to have good sound quality because you want to listen to music? Or will you want them to block the sounds around you? This will tell you what you need to find. There are earbuds or headsets. Some have microphones so you can use them with your phone for calls. Knowing what you will be using them for will help narrow it down. Earbuds are good to carry around wherever you go, and headseats work better if you want to reduce background noise.

Next look at the battery life. Many can be charged using a USB cord just like other technology. But how long do you need them to last? Do they have to go all day or just a few hours? A good standard is around 8 hours. If battery life matters to you, make sure to pay attention to this.

Notice the range also. You will always need to be fairly near the source of the sound, but some are better than others. Doors and walls will also affect the range. You may not get the same range stated on the box but you want something that will work OK.

Once you have only a few choices in mind, look online at reviews. See what others are saying about them. Are they comfortable to wear? Are the controls easy to use? How is the battery life and the range? How reliable are they? Reviews will help you make a final decision.

These are the things you should be looking for. I know it was helpful for me and I chose a pair that work really well for my needs. I wish you luck finding yours.