Half Fun, Half Productive Weekend

No matter where you live, southern Italy like me, the UK or the US, we all have a lot in common. I happen to be on the “toe” of the Italian peninsula in case you aren’t a geography buff and failed to recognize my region. I am not far from Sicily, which you know for sure; I just have to cross the Strait of Messina. There are 200,000 of us enjoying the scenic beauty and ample recreation. We are grateful to be here given the magnitude of the 1908 earthquake that razed the town. It was rebuilt to become the center it is today. If you love archeology, Reggio di Calabria has the museums. I love giving tours and extolling the rich history of the area. We are known for authentic Greek bronzes: so rare and precious.

Living near the beach also has its special privileges and I get plenty of visitors from inland and friends love whenever I post photos on Facebook. I have to rush around and clean my place to get ready. You know the drill. Why do I think that people will notice a dirty bathroom? Ha! I care in any case for myself. I hate to see a buildup of hard water scale like this. Between the sand and the limescale, the cleanup job takes forever. It takes the fun out of the weekend. But it is productive. I will never be embarrassed when guests arrive. They don’t expect upscale facilities in my abode, but they appreciate the cleanliness and sparkling surfaces thanks to the best cleaning aids available. When you live in a climate like mine, you get used to the consequences.