Is Every Technology We Own Smart?

Wireless technology nowadays makes massive leaps, but I’m especially interested in the developments and application of the new 5G network for average households. Unlike 4G, 5G works even with low-power devices, which means it will have a wider specter of connectivity with home devices and appliances. With the help of 5G, our smart homes will be more energy-efficient, safer, and more functional. The full potential of the tech we have at home will finally be realized given that these devices can be connected to a unified system that’s quick and reliable. With this improvement, there will be much more demand for smart home devices.

Being a technology freak, I own several smart home devices. First, I have my Bluetooth speakers. I like loud music so, besides my laptop and phone, this is the oldest smart device I own. I also own a smoke control system, which I installed several years ago. Then I have smart lighting, very convenient for setting an atmosphere and saving energy, and last but not least, I have my security doorbell.

For now, I’m all set, although having a smart coffee machine sounds very convenient, wouldn’t you agree? Imagine waking up to the smell of the coffee and just having it right there after you brush your teeth. Your first shot of caffeine, arranged by an app on your smartphone. Or owning a smart vacuum cleaner. Never bother and waste time again on cleaning the floors. You just come back home to a clean floor every time. These small but sweet moments are what make life wonderful.

However, not everything is smart. We have to wait a bit more to make all home appliances obedient by a click on our displays. For instance, one week ago, there was a problem with the air purifier in our house. My mother called me to ask for advice because, in our house, I’m in charge of everything technology-related. Apparently, they couldn’t find out why the purification system doesn’t function. “Well, if it was smart, I would have been able to see what the problem was on my phone” – I said. “Don’t be a smart ass” – she replied. Funny, right? Anyways, I had to call the supplier to inform them about the problem, but they said that they can come to check it a few days. So I had to do the old “do it yourself” style and find out how to tell if the air purifiers are functioning. I did some research at and found out all I needed. But it would have been much easier if the devices we own were smart. Wouldn’t you agree?